That’s a bit extreme but you get the idea….

If you are going to show any skin tomorrow night (at your New year’s Eve Party I mean, what were you thinking?!) then don’t forget to give it a boost of gold!  A shot of gold adds length and dimension to bare arms, legs and décolletage too. As long as it is not in an entirely different colour than your face, it will really complete your look, believe me. This goes for all brides in strapless dresses and special occasion gowns too.

This will be a short post (short skirt = leg makeup please) but here are a few top tips:

  • Do a body scrub the day before. Yikes, that’s tonight! Ok, the morning of would work too.  In the picture is the last of my homemade body scrub which I love and was super easy to make. Coconut oil, coffee (without the grinds), organic cocoa butter, brown sugar, that’s it. Scrub up in the shower, any bits that will be showing (and tummy and bum, just sayin)  and rinse well to get rid of the scrubby stuff. Then stay indoors! Seriously, I went into the garden in the summer after I used it, and was a magnet to all flying things. I must have appeared and smelt like the largest yummiest flower they had ever seen, in fact, so delicious that a big bumble got under my top and bulls-eyed me right in the right t.t!  I am not even joking!! it was very painful but makes for a good story.
  • Load up on body oil or body lotion and sleep in it. But not on rubber sheets which is probably not very comfortable, although I WOULD NOT KNOW. Shirley Eaton probably does – she, by the way, is the gold woman from Goldfinger. As she is part of makeup history, you should know that! Your body will absorb most of the oil anyway, or just keep your jammies on so your sheets don’t get oily.
  • Once you are in your special outfit, apply lotion/oil to bare bits. Nobody wants to see or touch dry skin! Let’s face it, winter legs are not always at their best. I have been doing the Daisy Duke workout (see Pinterest), but sometimes get a peppermint latte and do the Boss Hogg one instead.  Point is, the pins haven’t seen much sunlight recently. If yours have you live in a nicer climate than I do.

These two are my favourites:

These are a Few of My Favourite Glows
These are a Few of My Favourite Glows

Nars Monoi Body Glow I – this really makes your skin glory and gold and smells AMAZING. You will become your own tropical island! Anyone I use this on immediately loves it. The only thing  would say is…not so good with a white dress. If you know what I mean.

Gold effect of Nars Monoi Oil I
Gold effect of Nars Monoi Oil I

Which leads me to….

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body – this is incredible, it shapes and contours as well as giving gorgeous colour. Apply to high points and blend out with your hands, e.g., roll the roll applicator down the front of the leg, then blend with your hands: the front of your leg will be highlighted, which makes it look……you guessed it….LONGER! AND even better, once it’s on, out doesn’t move! So wear the white dress and don’t worry bout it xo

Shimmer from Charlotte Tilbury
Shimmer from Charlotte Tilbury

Both the Supermodel Body and Monoi Oil I are beautiful on every skin colour xo

Nars Monoi Oil II – is a moisturising body oil without the golden glow, and with unique properties of traditional French Polynesian Monoi de Tahiti oil. It smells divine, and is really nice if you are already golden or don’t care about adding colour.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – this is a great leg makeup if leg makeup is all you need, and it’s available at the drug store. It is quite opaque which can be good and bad: bad because you can’t really use it as a full body makeup because I think it’s too heavy, but it is good for leg coverage, without a glow. Blend it for a prettier sheer look (avoiding the 60 denier tights look) with a damp powder puff.


Good luck goldies!   Glam on for the last night of Twenty-fifteen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooo

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