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Bend it Like Bridget – How to Curl Straight Lashes

posted by Wendy December 6, 2015 0 comments

I go through a fairly elaborate routine (actually it’s probably best to refer to it as a ritual!) to get my lashes the best they can be, and am resigned to knowing they will never be perfect. Even after my steps to better lashes, they have been known to collapse, and I sometimes commit the cardinal sin of re-curling throughout the day! Because for me, a lifted lash makes for a happier face. And I was not blessed with much lash lusciousness. They have even fallen out in times of high stress. In general I am not wrong in saying I am lash-challenged.

My routine now consists of curling my lashes like this (pay attention, it’s complicated!)

  1. I use a very fine small silver spoon and run it along my lashes from root to ends, using the edge of one side. Have you ever curled ribbon for wrapping presents? It’s a similar process, without the pulling. Be careful! Overdoing it may mean you loose one so be gentle. Basically you are just using the spoon edge to press along the length of the lash so that you are curling them upwards.
  2. Next I curl with a regular curler. Shu Uemera is my curler of choice. I’ve tried loads but the Shu stays tight for ages so you don’t need to replace it for a long time, and the size of it fits my eye nicely and most eye shapes, I’ve found. It’s a makeup investment. I also have a mini curler to use on people that it doesn’t fit, or for strays that won’t curl.
  3. Apply mascara, top lashes first, getting the brush as close to the roots as you can, give a little wiggle, then glide the brush right along lashes to the ends. It  has to be waterproof- as it dries it shrinks a bit so the lashes curl up. Two coats is good, waiting a minute for the first coat to dry.
  4. Next apply to bottom lashes. I just do one coat on the bottom and love Blinc mascara for the bottom lashes only, because it will not move until you apply water. I find it a bit heavy for the top lashes myself cos it makes mine drop immediately. It goes on and dries in individual tubes, which look like spiders legs in your sink when you wash them off. 
  5. Voila! Fortunately most of the people I make up have much nicer lashes than I do and can skip Step One. Lucky them!

Shu Uemura Canada

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