4 Replies to “Is it A Velvet?! Is It A Matte?! It’s Velvet Matte!”

  1. Thanks Wendy ! Liked the look of that .. Next you must do a tutorial on applying blue eyeshadow .. It’s so scary .. But if I thought I could pull it off and do a decent job applying it .. I’d try it .. Pretty please ..

    1. Never be afeared of blue! it’s all about the texture/formual, and there are so many flattering ones. I will do a vid and let you know when it’s posted. Thank you for the idea!

  2. Great to see you in person!! The foundation looks great too…more videos please, especially on how to apply blusher properly – apples of cheeks or in that weird 80’s diagonal swipe?? Love this site by the way…

    1. Good idea! Blush 101 coming up, as spring is on it’s way and we all need blush! I’ll let you know when it is posted, thanks for your comments!

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