Like my grandmother before me, I am much more prevention than cure, ergo my obsession with skincare in place of botox and fillers. I have a never ending supply of anti-oxidant skin treatments, anti-aging skincare products, hand creams, sunscreens and lip balms and they’re stashed all over the place because you use never know when and where you’ll need one.

Despite all my efforts, this week I’m a chappy chap and I admit that I have fallen victim to a few environmental factors, whilst taking full responsibility because I was less than diligent in preventing my chapped lips. I’m owning it! A perfect example of Do What I Say Not What I Do.

The recent weather (which has consisted of cold winds, icy rain and even snow, typically, of course on the days and nights I have to work outside), the central heating at night, a warm car on long drives, the occasional flight, even two hours on a boat in freezing temperatures, a fair few number of matte lipsticks which I’ve been loving for months; all these have given me a case of the chaps. So I’m going the extra mile with something new Father Christmas put in my stocking and testing it on your behalf. Time to get my pucker back.

I’ve talked before about lip scrubs before and the importance of exfoliating especially in seasons of extreme weather (“Pucker Up: Lip Scrubs Tested On Your Behalf”). I still have one from biTE Beauty in my personal beauty arsenal so I started with that.

This lip scrub from biTE is mildly cherry flavoured and grainy but in a good emollient base.

Using it is pretty straightforward; apply it to your lips and around the lipline and massage in with a circular motion, then leave it to do it’s job for a few minutes. Wipe away with a wet flannel and gently pat dry.

The next step is the fun part!

Blimey look at that it’s back to front! Sorry.

What this nifty little packet says is Sephora Shea Lip Mask (after the French part which is actually at the top. Must have been packaged for Quebec). It’s a bio-cellulose lip mask for protecting and repairing and is full of squishy good stuff including shea butter. The elves stuffed my stocking nicely this year so I have some lovely things to try out!

This is what it looks like when you get the package open (take care not to rip it apart down the middle or you’ll tear the actual mask itself which is hidden in there and quite delicate).


Juiced up and ready to go! Take off the two backing bits and apply to your mouth. Relax for ten minutes.




Getting a bit lippy. Prepare to look like this, have a laugh and take a few selfies! I recommend lying down when trying this at home, otherwise the mask slides off.













Another word to the wise, it may not be the best time to take calls.






When your time is up (take longer than ten minutes, by all means), remove the mask and massage in all the treatment that’s left over. Feels remarkable, I love it and PROMISE myself to exfoliate and mask more often from now on. I am loading up on lip balms and holding off on the matte lipsticks for a week (the new formulas are not as drying as they used to be but I’ll still have a week off). I know you may not all be in the land of Sephoras but I bet Boots, Superdrug and the like have loads of these as well.

My lips are feeling and looking much better so I’m just off to ring my friend Janice to tell her I’ve found something perfect for her! It does, in fact, appear to be custom made xo

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