Marilyn may have been right about a few things and diamonds are pretty high up on the list, but in the beauty stakes, samples are a girl’s best friend!

The French are glad to freeze their faces

They delight in using ice

But I prefer a brand who gives samples of all things nice

A jar in the hand might be quite continental

But samples are a girl’s best friend

A gloss may be grand

But it won’t pay the rental

On your humble flat or help you at the laundromat

Shops grow cold as girls grow old

And we all lose collagen in the end

But square cut or round shaped these packs don’t lose their shape

Samples are a girl’s best friend!

I save mine up and take them on trips

If you’re a Hey Big Spender at the cosmetics and skincare counters, or even if you are not, there is a way to try before you buy, and to stock up on some yummy things. Many companies and department stores have an in-built policy to give samples to those that ask and some of them offer without an ask: Kiehls is so far the best I’ve come across, and their samples are brilliantly packaged, making them superb for adding to your holiday packing so you don’t have to take big sizes of everything with you. I usually manage to save enough samples to have skincare and hair stuff for trips, saving on baggage allowance  and extra purchasing once you land. Just a thought! Charlotte Tilbury and other brands offer free samples with online shopping but it’s worth asking at the counter too. Don’t be shy – they want you to try their stuff!

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