Don’t know if anyone out there experiences this as well, but there are days when I cannot get untired. When my brain and eyes are so tired it’s as if they’ve shrivelled to the size of walnuts. Beady beady walnuts. I don’t suffer from migraines, or headaches in general and I do practical things, such as meditation, yin yoga and exercising to alleviate would-be stresses in my life but exhaustion is something I sometimes cannot fix.

It’s age related or so am I told: being menopausal or peri-menopausal does a number on your physical self, it’s true. Hormones as out of control as the teenage years can cause intense fatigue and lethargy. Not to mention years and years of film industry induced serious sleep deprivation. A couple of years ago I was so concerned about my newly acquired need to want to lie down on supermarket floors for a quick forty winks that I sought medical help via my (very very awesome) Canadian GP and a Naturopathic MD for extra measure. The only thing that showed up in blood and saliva tests was the war my hormones were raging  on my body. An attack on the body by the body. Bloody hell! I had to admit defeat, but I carried on fighting.

The best way for me to cope with daytime fatigue was to integrate a nap into my afternoon and I no longer function as well without them. So anything that comes along to help with the unwinding process is very welcome and when I spied Spacemasks for the first time last week in Brighton, I bought one for a test drive. The self-heating mask promises to relieve “tiredness, eye strain and many other Earthly tensions”; well, I simply couldn’t not try one.

Using the self-heating Spacemask couldn’t be simpler; even in a semi-comatose state I can manage to follow these instructions.

  • open the pouch and unfold mask. Gently place over your eyes and fit the loops around your ears.
  • within a couple of minutes you’ll feel your Spacemask heat up as oxygen molecules in the atmosphere cuddle up to the mask’s iron particles in a natural heat exchange (their words not mine).
  • drift off as you enjoy approx 15 mins of other-worldly warmth while your mind floats in space.
  • return to planet Earthly matters may take a little longer…

Photo instructions included for the hard-of-reading, or the super-tired.

self heating Spacemask. Glossaholics review of self-heating Spacemask
Open the pouch and remove the mask
self-heating Spacemask. review of Spacemask
Unfold the Spacemask
Spacemask. Self-heating Spacemask. Review of Spacemask
Unfold the earflaps on the Spacemask.
Spacemask. Self-heating Spacemask. Review of self heating Spacemask. Glossaholics
How not to wear the Spacemask, even if other people would prefer you to.
Spacemask, self-heating Spacemask, review of Spacemask
Place the mask over your eyes, locate your best pillow and settle down.
Spacemask. Review of Spacemask. Self-heating Spacemask
If you’re still awake approx fifteen minutes later, remove the mask and go about your day, but in a more blissful state. Option B: enjoy super relaxation and stay in bed.

I really enjoyed my Spacemask experience. When the mask starts to heat up it really does feels heavenly on tired eyes and the added ingredient of essence of jasmine makes for a dreamy daytime “stop-the-madness” interval. I haven’t used one before bedtime yet because I usually fall asleep quite quickly. However, because the trial was such a success, I’m going to keep one bedside to deal with any middle-of-the-night wakes.

So impressed was I, I went back for the box of five before the Xmas sell-out, because, at £3.50 for one and £16.50 for a box of 5, that’s a full 20p less per mask! I didn’t do Business Studies at “A Level” for nothing, you know.

Spacemask self-heating eye mask. Box of 5 Spacemasks.

I heartily recommend a Spacemask for anyone who needs a little extra help relaxing, and anyone who doesn’t. They are a very budget-friendly way to add a little luxury to your self-care routine, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The mask will also fit a bloke size head. So while my friends can expect them as Chrimbo stocking stuffers, I’ll keep my festive fingers crossed that Santa remembers I’ve been a good girl this year cos I’m putting a year’s supply on my list.

Spacemasks get Five Stars from me and if you try one, you may be seeing stars too. Sweet dreams, glossaholics xo


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