Vancouver may not lack choices for fashionistas and those who prefer to be well-heeled, but some places stand out amongst the crowd. Rebecca Bree’s boutique on West 4th Avenue in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver is one of them and one of my top picks in the city.

Rebecca bree boutique shopfront
Find REBECCA BREE at 3680 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Rebecca opened her namesake boutique in Vancouver after a career working with top fashion brands at Holt Renfrew, Canada’s luxury retailer. Opening her own boutique was a lifelong dream, realised in 2012 and fulfilling her wish to help women feel strong, sexy and confident via a more personalised style experience than the big box stores can offer. The boutique’s curated labels currently include ALCMichelle Mason, RTA, Ulla Johnson and Anine Bing with choice denim from Mother and R13. Adding the finishing touch to your style story are accessories from Dodo Barr Or and Pamela Card to name a few, so be sure to give yourself time to explore and enjoy. Something fabulous may be only a changing room away.

My pick of the day included a long leopard print blazer, a beautiful sequin top (in the sale no less) and a pair of R13 jeans. Add a heel and I’m ready to step into Friyay x
photo of blogger Wendy Snowdon in animal print Anine Bing blazer
Feeling a tad wild in this long blazer from Anine Bing. I am woman, hear me roar.


Tucked into alcoves and onto shelves are more fun and feminine things like these satin slip-ons, hats and bags to add to your ultimate outfit. The hat would have been mine immediately, had it fit.

My kind of decor. Shrimpton rules.
Fabulous in fuscia is this silk stunner from Camilla and Marc. I feel a garden party coming on…

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, REBECCA BREE also has special items for home and hearth. My favourite Canadian candles can be found here, the neighbourhood-themed fragrant remedies from the handmade, small-batch poured Vancouver Candle Co. I’m normally a Point Grey (cedar wood, balsam wood and vanilla) or a Gastown (tobacco, amber and black pepper) girl but this time went for West End (cypress, amber and tonic). Maybe it’s a summer romance.

Every glamourous candle deserves a glamourous light and the boutique stocks fun matches with a twist to light the way….

box of matches at Rebecca Bree boutique: the logo on the them is "my beauty is ruining my life"
These lovelies can light your fire







box of matches at Rebecca Bree: slogan reads "now what must I do to get those?" as woman on the box looks at a diamond necklace

I try to visit the boutique at least twice a year to catch the new arrivals and also the sales, which is when I’ve picked up some of my best wardrobe staples. This Smythe (a Canadian label out of Toronto) tux blazer is one of my faves and spotted on me constantly, for casual or dress-up; as a sale item a few years ago has definitely earned it’s keep! Last year I discovered new label RtA here which has pieces that really work for me, including the metallic t with the blazer and the deconstructed cashmere sweater that I wear all year round.  

Worth noting is that REBECCA BREE is the only Vancouver stockist of natural beauty product phenomenon Vintner’s Daughter’ s Active Botanical Serum, a 100% active facial oil, which has won many an award including 2018’s Glamour Awards Best Natural Beauty Product of All Time and is a super power product if ever there was one. No guesses as to what went into my shopping bag on my last visit. And right next to the jellybean bowl, it’s a win-win situation!Vintner's Daughter active botanical serum

There’s no doubt that a trip to REBECCA BREE is style-inspiring, especially if Rebecca is there when you are. Rebecca and her team take the time to engage with their customer, and as style mavens themselves have great suggestions for what may suit, without pushing a sale. It’s a bit like stopping by to see friends who are on the same style page and is different from other Vancouver options as it’s small, personal and very fun. This is ageless style and style for all ages, and there’s nothing wrong with buying some confidence from time to time.

If you need to have a think about anything tempting, there’s great coffee next door, and if you do decide to buy, help yourself to a handful of those jellybeans and know that The Patron Saint of Fabulousness is watching over you and approving of it all. Yes dahhhhhhhhlllllliiinnnngggggggs.

Eva – The Patron Saint of Fabulousness

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