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My Holiday Crush

posted by Wendy November 24, 2017 0 comments

I’m very excited about MAC’s Holiday Collection and this lipstick is sure to sparkle at your parties and perhaps lead to a crush or two, it is called Holiday Crush after all. Do not be afraid of frosting up, it isn’t like the hard frost lipsticks of yesteryear but has a smooth velvety texture and won’t leave you too dry to pucker up. I was lucky enough to get one before the shopping blitz, but if it sells out quickly, as the collections usually do, you’re bound to find something else that’s fab. Oh Baby Lipglass is a classic for a more luscious, glossier sparkle and suits every skintone. Happy mistletoe!

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These Are A Few of my Fave Things

Instant Look in A Palette

posted by Wendy December 22, 2016 2 Comments

This is a Makeup Newsflash!

The wonderful Instant Look In A Palette, Natural Beauty, has returned!

Today’s the Day!

Instant Look In A Palette, Natural Beauty is back in stock at Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics; I was so gutted when it sold out earlier this year that I’ve just ordered two of them (an heir and a spare). If you’re a light to medium skintone or looking for a gift for someone who is, you can do much worse than investing in this stunning palette which pops into your handbag for all day gorgeousness. Add a dark eye pencil to smoke it up for night and you’re laughing! This was a cult hit the first time around (I gave mine to a thespian so was a bit sad that I couldn’t get another as it had sold out) so don’t delay if you’ve been waiting for it to return, can you tell I’m excited?!

Not only that, there’s a new one! Instant Look In A Palette, Seductive Beauty is a bit bolder and sexier, it’s Natural Beauty’s seductive sister. I’d use this one on darker skin tones as well as on anyone else who wants to look fab. Self included. All you need is a lip colour and you’re on your way to work, to the restaurant or to the airport!


A little Seductive, a lot marvellous

Both are available today, December 22nd, so a bit late for Christmas but a great way to start a new year with an easy new look!

Here’s a tutorial from Charlotte herself

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