The Pantone gods of colour and design have decreed 2019 the year of coral, Living Coral 16-1546 to be precise, an animating and life-affirming hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge, so along with paint and textiles and all things cheerfully coral descending upon us, the beauty industry is also riding the coral wave and promises to change how we see coral concoctions of old.

If you’ve never tried a kiss of coral, now’s the time, and in my humble opinion, there is no better way to add a new colour into your makeup wardrobe than by getting yourself a new lippie. It’s a time honoured way to change things up and probably the most thrifty too: £24-£40 spent on a new tube isn’t too outrageous and if you don’t continue liking it into 2020, when Pantone gives us a new colour to obsess over, coral is an easy mixer-upper with other colours for custom lip shades. Protip: it also doubles beautifully as a cream blush when mixed with a bit of moisturiser.

Ultimately, a shot of coral is immensely flattering to any skin tone, as long the intensity of the colour works with how light/dark you are. Coral cheeks are gorgeous on everybody, as the cult popularity of NARS’Orgasm Blush will attest to.

image showing open compact of NARS Orgasm blush - a peachy pink blush shade. The rectangular compact is back with NARS in large white font

I love this universally flattering shade. So iconic is it that no-one dare call themselves a makeup artist without one in their makeup kit. The gold-flecked, peachy-pink shade was dreamed up by François Nars in 1999 which means that 2019 marks two whole decades of it’s bona fide icon status. As well as launching a 20th Anniversary edition this year the company has recently stated that an Orgasm blush is sold every minute. Coral with a tan is amazing, by the way.

Anyyyyywaaayyyy, this is not meant to be about coral cheeks, but about those glorious tubes of colour that can transform a tired face with a perky pout, so I’ll crack on!

Best Coral for Lighter Skin Tones Matte Revolution in Sexy Sienna, an effortlessly beautiful way to introduce coral to your makeup bag without making you feel in any way Belisha beacon. Apply and count the compliments.

Best Coral for Medium Skin TonesMAC – Amplified Lipstick – Vegas Volt  a brighter, poppier and peppier coral shade for medium skin tones and/or yellow/olive tones.

Image of MAC Cosmetics Vegas Volt lipstick - a medium bright coral shade. The lipsticks open showing the lipstick colour.

Best Coral for Dark Skin TonesLipstick Queen Jungle Queen Lipstick delivers a lot of fabulous coral. Darker skins can do a truly vibrant, truly living coral and this one equals gorgeous!

image of Lipstick Queens Jungle Queen lipstick - a bright red based coral lipstick (in green packaging) that looks amazing on dark skin

Now that you’ve found your perfect shade, enjoy a summer of colour and check in for the next Pantone pick….but I bet you’ll still be in love with Living Coral.

Can’t wait to see lots of beautiful coral lipstick marks on coffee mugs around the world

Kiss off in coral and send your shots or tag me on Insta @glossaholics xo

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