It cannot be denied that I am presently in love with all things 70’s. I can’t really trace this obsession back to one particular thing, but perhaps Cameron Crowe’s “Dazed and Confused” played a part in it, because the style of that film so grabbed my attention that I watch it at least once a year. It also seems to me that the female icons of that era possessed a kind of glamour and style that was original and different, and so I still look to those women for beauty and fashion inspiration. On a purely psychological level, it may be because my mum was in her heyday in the seventies, and those are my earliest memories of her, all kaftan and curly hair. Whatever the reasons for my love of the style, I proudly don a flare and do not apologise for it.

My "Love Story" flares and a clog. Sometimes I am really dazed and confused.
My “Love Story” flares and a clog. Sometimes I am really dazed and confused.

Of all of the fashion and film icons of that time (the ones we historically take our beauty cues from in the modern ages) there are a few that stand out for me, one of them being Ali McGraw.


Ali McGraw reached international fame in 1970’s “Love Story”, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama. In 1972, MacGraw was voted the top female box office star in the world.


In the 1970’s Ali McGraw was the ultimate All-American natural beauty. Usually tanned and freckled, lightly made-up for the most part, with glossy brunette hair, she represented a carefree and shiny beauty that was both the height of high fashion and the domain of everywoman.


In later life she became a yoga devotee and is credited with popularising the form of exercise and spiritual discipline in North America. At the age of 75 she is still an absolute stunner, and so she gives us this gift: no need to disappear, no need to stop caring about or for ourselves as we get older. I think Ali McGraw is a true inspiration for many generations at once…


…and has undoubtedly remained a beauty icon all her life. All hail Ali!


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