Glossaholics, have you noticed that NARS recently put out a couple of limited-edition products in their cult shade Orgasm, and repackaged a couple of older versions of the colour? Smart move from the French makeup house – the revamped Feel The Rush” Orgasm Collection, is pretty, irresistible and pretty irresistible. Please read on.

The pick of the bunch for me is the new Afterglow lip balm that gives a just-bitten look and is possibly the prettiest lip balm ever. With a buttery, creamy texture, the peachy-pink balm is sheer but gives a decent pop of the infamous shade and containing antioxidant properties, it does good as well as looking good. The suits-every-skintone shade is not too bright, nor too invisible, but flattering and slightly sexy. The limited edition rose-gold case is a plus I couldn’t resist, and is nice and sturdy for surviving handbag or pocket duty.

photo of Nars Orgasm Afterglow lip balm

photo of My Life In Makeup blogger Wendy wearing M+NARS Afterglow lip blam

Next in line is the mother of the whole lot, Nars Blush in Orgasm. She was born in 1999 and remains a worldwide hit to this day. Imagine! Francois’ empire has been built around his orgasm. Forgive me. For this Feel The Rush collection it’s simply been repackaged into a mega size with new stamping that is very pleasing, but perhaps not very essential.  However, If you’ve never tried this blush, now could be the time:this size could last you a lifetime.

NARS orgasm blush limited edition jumbo size

The peachy-pink color with a touch of gold shimmer never fails to leave cheeks perfectly flushed and again, has worked on almost every skintone I’ve ever put it on, giving a pinky-peachy glow to all but the darkest skins (for the same effect on black skins I always reach for their Taj Mahal and on the lightest complexions my fave is Nars Blush in “Deep Throat”, another name you don’t want to hashtag but the colour is perfection, on the pinker side of peach)  and has in fact won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award six times.

photo of NARS Deep Throat blush
Deep Throat blush, slightly pinker than Orgasm and one I like it on fair skins. Do not hashtag the name or you’re in for a nasty surprise.
photo of NARS Taj Mahal powder blush
Taj Mahal blush can take darker skins to exotic places

Another of my favourite Orgasms (I know, ridiculous isn’t it? Imagine all the people writing that about this collection. So unoriginal, and not funny at all, sorry) is Nars Liquid Blush in Orgasm which was introduced a season or two ago and is a beautiful all-year-round shade for light to medium and olive skins AND the better choice for mature skins (liquids are more more flattering as far as I’m concerned). Do make sure to shake it before you use it because it separates in the bottle, dab a drop onto your rounded blush brush and blend away. It’s super easy and super pretty and is a constant in my kit

asian model wearing NARS liquid blush in Orgasm
The liquid blush version of Orgasm is a beautiful shade that adds glow as well as colour.

My least favourite of the new collection is the highly metallic Illuminating Loose Powder. If you’re over 35, save your money, unless you like a bit of Tin Man and I sincerely hope you do not. here’s what I really think about super shiny illuminators of NARS Illuminating Loose PowderHere’s a comparison of the two: a pretty liquid blush that will complement skin tone and texture, and a very shiny illuminating powder that will highlight fine lines and may even dry out your face. One is easy to apply, one is not. The choice is obvious, n’est ce pas?colour swatch on arm of NARS lOrgasm liquid blush and Orgams Illuminating Loose Powder

Sadly, it looks as though most of the new collection is sold out. We’ve been here before. In February the makeup giant had some serious issues with the arrival of their newest Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation foundation – couldn’t get any for love or money almost immediately after it launched which was very frustrating for a new product and for all the people who were hyped about trying it. The supply issue went on for ages, with NARS employees eye-rolling and making faces at their frustration over lack of product on the shelves. First World Problems but still. I finally found some at IMATS London in May months later, but am sticking to the Sheer Glow formula in my kit for now.

Anywayyyyy, the same issue has happened with this collection. I found the Afterglow lip balm at SpaceNK Covent Garden after the sales associate told me it was the last one; which did of course make me buy it, but no regrets. it is currently “unavailable” on the website and everywhere else, so agin I apologise for hyping it up. If it does appear again, it is worth getting one I think.

It kind of amazes me that there’s not enough stock for a new launch. An even bigger fail has been the delay of the release of the the Full Vinyl Lip Gloss in Orgasm. What’s a glossaholic to do?! The release was pushed to May, then again, is currently not even showing up on the website and rumour has it will appear late summer. Bit embarrassing considering there’s a space for it on the display cases for this collection. If I find one soon I’ll let you know if it’s worth it.

If you are desperate for an OrgasmI’d suggest it’s time to add one to your makeup bag to Feel The Rush

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