If there is one word that can describe how I look and feel after a huge chunk of work followed immediately by Christmas, it is EXHAUSTED. If there’s one product that I wish would work miracles and that I’ve been looking for for about 5 years (when the eyes noticeably started to change), it’s an eye cream. I am amazed and very happy to report that EYE have found a miracle, and it is MAGIC EYE RESCUE from Charlotte Tilbury.

I say it’s a miracle because the difference between putting it on at night, and looking in the mirror in the morning, is visible and remarkable, and that has never happened before. I have used very good eye creams and have spent probably too much money on them. They may have helped to stop the hand of time with regular and continued use, but none has made me look feel so much better and confident by the next morning.

To start on the road to rescue, use a pea-sized amount of M.E.R and gently dot under the eyes on the top of the cheekbones using your two ring fingers. Tap gently around the eye area and orbital bone. Keep tapping. Also a great work out for the eyes and gets the blood flowing. Then gently tap above the eyes across the brow bones and repeat the tapping in a circular motion all around the eyes to help reduce puffiness and allow the cream to do its thang. There is a video on the CT website to show you how to do this.

Here’s what I noticed after Night One:

  • the lines under my eyes were SMOOTHED out. Not every single one of them, but enough that it looked very different!
  • the darkness under my eyes (half genetic/ half dust allergy) was visibly reduced
  • the dryness (I believe the term is “crepe”, tres francais) was gone –  skin looked plumped up and glory! Plump is not my favourite word but I don’t mind a bit of plump under the eyes
  • I not only looked better, I could really FEEL the difference – the delicate skin around my eyes felt tighter and lifted. I am (so far) a Botox-Free Beauty Obsessive, BFBO, so I am very happy about finding something that delivers all these things but doesn’t require injections!
Morning After The Night Before, wearing concealer and Rock n Kohl eye pencil in Elizabeth Violet. No photoshop
Morning After The Night Before, wearing foundation, concealer and Rock’n’Kohl pencil in Elizabeth Violet by Charlotte Tilbury and MAC pigment in  nude.

Magic Eye Rescue has a really pleasant, light as air, texture – with a good tack to it so it stays in place All Night Long, cue Lionel Ritchie. I am someone who cannot sleep without an eye mask so the fact it survived the night under my eye mask is in itself incredible. In the morning you can feel that is it still on your skin. It is less fragrant than a couple of the other products, still infused with frangipani but a bit less….well, fragrant. Which I appreciate. It is loaded with yummy moisture stuff.  Go to A CT counter and try a bit on your hand. You will see how much glow and glisten is deposited on your skin.

Fluffy, moist texture of Magic Eye Rescue
Fluffy, moist texture of Magic Eye Rescue
Lots of juice for dry undereye skin but light as a feather to wear

Don’t forget to train yourself to sleep on your back for a better face and eyes in the morning. If it’s too late to change your ways, get silk pillowcases.

I messaged Charlotte the first time I used it to tell her she had turned back my clock. I thought I was being quite clever with my turn of phrase….And that, dear readers, honestly and truly, was BEFORE I read the packaging on the box. It actually says : Eye Cream to Turn Back the Clock. Great minds think alike, obviously!

My worst eye cream story was using a very well-known one after a long flight in the hope that I’d be all fab for the first day of my action-packed business/pleasure trip.  When I woke up in my hotel room at The Paramount (name-dropper but it’s so good there in a Eurotrash way you have to try it; by the way Paramount, why ON EARTH did you get rid of the Marc Newson Lockheed chair that used to be in the lobby?! I was so looking forward to seeing it. Is it because the last one went for over $2million at auction…), my eyes were so puffed up I couldn’t open them.

The amazing Lockheed Chair by Marc Newson
The amazing Lockheed Chair by Marc Newson

Thankfully the room was the size of a shoebox so I didn’t have far to stumble to the loo to douse my eyes with cold water in order to see again. I  looked a wreck most of the day, my eyes were so swollen that my eyelash curler couldn’t even for onto my lashes. No wonder Ewan McGregor walked right past without declaring his undying love. Disaster! Haha. Not entirely sure what the point of sharing my calamitous story is, but, do need to say, that this eye cream delivers without having to load it on or spend a small fortune. I have been using it for five days now and am very happy still. Go try it if you are still on the search for a great eye cream. I am now using it around my lipline and the good ol “laugh lines”, nasal-labial lines if you want to be scientific, those ones that run from nose to mouth. I’m going to put it all over my whole body and see what happens! Does it come in a bucket size?

I had to look into what makes it so good. Here is the science behind it from her website:

“Skin-saviour Saccharide Isomerate is like an isotonic energy drink for your skin! It has water-retaining properties, which after long-term use may help with smoother and firmer beautifully soft skin.
Age-defying Botanical Eye Contour Complex contains rice & soy peptides, plus yeast protein, which help to brighten dark circles, reduce puffiness and improve skin texture.
Time Released Retinol molecules are another anti-age hero that helps to boost the rejuvenation process of skin cells, whilst stimulating the collagen content through out the skin to appear younger and more radiant, as if lit from within.
Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract benefits the binding of skin cells to mimic the skin’s natural structure for a more youthful-looking, firmer-feeling complexion.
The rich texture of my cream-elixir contains a live second skin Red Algae Marigel, which is rich in Calcium and Magnesium, for smooth, soft skin with a protective barrier against environmental and ageing damage.
The magical ingredient also found in my Magic Cream, BioNymph Peptide is a genius, patented anti-ageing hero that may stimulate collagen production, fight free radicals, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost skin elasticity.
Frangipani nourishes and soothes the complexion.
Powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin E”

BioNymph?! Well it must do magic then.

Magic Eye Rescue retails for $US 65.00 for .50 fl oz/ 15ml . If you’re reading this outside of Canada, come here to stock up, you’ll save a fortune! The Canadian dollar is down again. No wonder they’re called loonies. I got mine at Holt Renfrew for $CDN 65.00

Dear readers, I am going to go on and on about this new line of gorgeous makeup and skin care. I am also in love with the new Magic Night Cream. Perhaps I should just have a Charlotte Tilbury Month and get it all out. One of the reasons I love her line, which is new to North America, is that she is as obsessed with skin care and glowing skin as I am.  Anyone who knows my work will know that I am NOT a fan of heavy face makeup that looks like a mask, or dry, powdery products. Ugh. So great skin, the best that we can achieve, becomes really important, and is really important to my makeups. And I am finding, with all the CT products, that they give us that. Long may she continue.

So tonight the Golden Globe for Gorgeous goes to…

Skincare and makeup genius Charlotte Tilbury
Skincare and makeup genius Charlotte Tilbury

and her new…


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  1. Hi I have to generally concur with this summary of Charlotte tilbury magic eye cream .. Was kindly sent a sample by the CT website after ordering the fab magic foundation and was quick to whack some eye cream on after reading your recommendation . Yes it does have an immediate effect .. And yes .. Less is more I this case … Eyes were very sensitive the week I tried it ( possibly trapped eyelash being the cause ) will be re visiting tho because a great eye cream is hard to find ! Thanks for the post !

    1. Oh good to hear! it is very rich so a tiny bit goes a long way….right round the bags n back haha! Waiting with bated breath for Magic Foundation to arrive in North America. That or am booking flight to Heathrow to go shopping!

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