Glossaholics, I may have mentioned before that I love blush! And I am always on the lookout for new and wonderful textures and colours.

But. Not all blush is created equal. Before there was Daniel Sander and his watercolour liquid blush, a recent discovery for me, there was NARS. Francois Nars and his amazing range of powder blushes to be exact.  I have been a NARSissist for as long as I’ve been a makeup artist and thats quite a long time! It’s an exquisite makeup and skincare line, and their range of colours for all skin tones is yet to be beaten, so there’s a lot of NARS in my professional makeup kit and my personal makeup bag. I turn to NARS first when looking for makeup for black skin and the inclusion of models for all ages I find inspirational. Hope you caught the Spring 2015 campaign featuring Tilda Swanton, just one of the trailblazing campaigns the company has produced.

Spring 2015 NARS launch featuring Tilda, breaking beauty boundaries
Spring 2015 NARS launch featuring Tilda, breaking beauty boundaries

A cheek colour can change your day. In a previous post ( I said that concealer, mascara and blush were all you needed to get out the door. In a pinch. I add to those three, wholeheartedly, all the time, but if I had to pick my top three makeup essentials it would be those.

When it comes to cheek colour choices, we have a huge market of amazing products on offer. Powders, creams, liquids, gels and stains and at so many price points. All of them play a part and I use them all, depending on the makeup I am doing and the skin of the subject. Different skin textures and different seasons mean you should have a blush wardrobe, to stay pretty cheeky all year round!

Powder blush is where it all started for me, back in the Miss Selfridge “Kiss and Makeup” days and the makeup memory of Coty’s red “rouge” on my grandma’s dressing table will stay with me forever.

The original Coty rouge, my beloved grandma's cheek colour
The original Coty rouge, my beloved grandma’s cheek colour

I love cream and liquid blushes for their beautiful transclucency and blendability, but powder blush is a still staple in my kit. It’s a winner for it’s pigmentation and staying power, and I very often “pop” one over a cream or liquid blush to give more intensity, depending on the look I am doing and how long it has to last. Powder textures obviously work better on an oilier skin so there is always that to consider, but if that’s you don’t disregard some of the incredible long-lasting cheek stains out there for a more natural, glowing look.

NARS powder blushes are my go-to for the reasons I gave above and I set myself a HUGE challenge for today’s blogpost: my top three colours, one for each skin tone. 

Can you guess which ones I picked?
Narrowing it down to three colours was not an easy task

Believe me, picking only three of their thirty-two amazing colour range is like asking Mother Hubbard to choose her three favourite children! But I’ve done it, so here they are.

Can you guess which three I chose?
Can you guess which three I chose?

If you’re a makeup artist, having these three will set you in great stead to be able to great a gorgeous makeup on anyone.

If you’re trying to choose a colour for your own use, you can’t go wrong with these and  you’ll look like a million $, £ or whatever your currency of choice for a reasonable investment. And The Winners Are….

My choice for the best blush for light skin tones may surprise you…if you’re a NARS fan yourself you will probably have expected me to pick the infamous ORGASM that is as famous as blush itself. BUT. I love a quieter, prettier, non-sparkly (all of my choices have a sheen not a sparkle) version of those beautiful peachy tones, with a tad more pink in it; if you haven’t yet tried it, please give DEEP THROAT, ORGASM‘s quieter sister, a chance and let me know what you think. I like to think of this one as the Cinderella choice- kept hidden away from the public but once revealed it will win the heart. (Note to Francois – the names you pick make it impossible to hashtag them on Insta or anywhere else without lots of negative consequences! Also not possible to recommend to teenage girls)

Deep Throat from NARS. My all-time favourite powder blush for lighter skin tones. NOT TO BE DISCONTINUED fingers crossed.
Deep Throat from NARS. My all-time favourite powder blush for lighter skin tones. NOT TO BE DISCONTINUED fingers crossed.

For medium toned skins my choice is SIN, a soft plummy tone with a shot of gold running through it, immensely flattering and a great everyday colour.

One deadly SIN is enough for medium skin tones
One deadly SIN is enough for medium skin tones

For my dark skinned sisters (and brothers) I love to rock an orange! You are so lucky to be able to pull off the most powerful of colours so don’t be shy. Forget the dark pinks and cranberries and try the regal shade to transform your day. I wish I could show you who I’ve used this colour on but I can’t due to confidentiality agreements; please please please go to the TAJ MAHAL next time you’re at the NARS counter and you’ll see what I mean. This shade is a beautiful bright yet burnished orange with golden highlights and everyone needs to go to the Taj Mahal at least once in their lives.

Taj Mahal, created for love
Taj Mahal, a colour to love

So there it is, and these three are from the original powder blush line; I haven’t even delved into the dual-intensity products (wet/dry blushes) or the NARS Multiples which are in creamy stick form and amazing.

Needless to say, with all these beautiful things around, I will be a NARSicissist until my last makeup application. Please let me know what you think of my choices and send photos of yourself if you try any of them! Here’s to staying pretty cheeky all of your days, xo.


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