I was poor once. Who’s to say I won’t be poor again. But before that happens let me tell you abou one of my favourite things.

Back in the poor days (you may know about them too, just scraping the rent together even though you’re working, only using public transport, very few nights out and certainly nothing fancy. No holidays, all in all a bit bleak but it happens to everyone. Doesn’t it?) when I was a younger adult starting out on my own and strangely determined to make it as a makeup artist, putting my degree in Politics to great use, obviously, I really had a tough time making the ends meet. Once every couple of weeks I could afford to meet my friends for a meal at a studenty restaurant, or buy a bottle of red instead and spend the weekend sipping through it. First world problems.

One time I spent the money left over, after all the bills were paid, on this thing which still holds a place in my heart. Back then it represented luxury, indulgence and seemed ludicrously frivolous. But it was so lovely it cheered me up, and gave me such a boost whenever I used it, surly the sign of a bathtime classic. Since then it’s remained a staple in the pampering basket and a great go-to gift for the girls and women in my life. So cheers to Bathina and her words of wisdom: take a picture. it lasts longer.

For all the croquet players out there

Bathina by Benefit is a body balm which shimmers gently and so looks beautiful on any limbs that might be showing (hopefully not when you’re bending over in a croquet skirt), on the collarbones and décolletage, and also works as a cheek highlighter. It’s also lovely if you’re merely slipping between the sheets, after all there’s nothing wrong with a bit of shimmer in soft light. It’s scent is as delicate as the shimmer and rather gorgeous. High praise from a Tom Ford addict. Two of the things that are most endearing about are the packaging which is retro girly, and the little velour application puff. It’s very sweet. And though I am not usually a fan of too-girly or sweet, it works with Bathina in a comforting way. Actually, it’s rather the point of it; it’s a fun product, not to be taken seriously but to be enjoyed. The sweet little puff is palm sized and perfect for applying the balm.

The Four S’s: subtle, shimmery, scented and sexy

It’s been a long day and I’m off to have a soak in the tub. I am very grateful that all my hard work and determination paid off and I have more pennies to treat myself with than I did at the start.  Even if I were the richest make-up artist in all the kingdom, I’d keep my Bathina close by, such a loyal friend she’s been.Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

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