I love a glittery nail for Christmas (also on birthdays, Valentine’s Day or whenever the mood takes me) but instead of buying lots of special nail varnishes, I get one or two glitter topcoats that go over my favourite nail colours. That way you can simply customise your look. Beauty genius OR WHAT? Not as if you couldn’t have worked that out for yourself but everyone’s busy so a reminder of easy solutions is no bad thing.

I stumbled upon these nail varnishes at Marks and Sparks a few months ago and have been really impressed. One coat is good, two are great and because it’s an “all in one”, meaning base coat, colour and top coat product, you save not only money but time.  The twelve colours in the range are fabulous (check out Glacier, Midnight, CappuccinoMink and this one, Emerald) and with Vitamin E and Argan Oil they go on very smoothly.

a hand with green nail polish holding Marks and Spencer Autograph all in one nail colour - forest green

Side by side with Chanel polishes on the nail varnish shelf, it’s hard to tell the difference, don’t you think? Same with the application and how long they last so if I was a beauty detective I’d say the Autograph ones were fabrique en France. Mon dieu! They are, I just checked. The M&S ones retail for £6.00 and are sometimes in the sale so cheaper than that. Not tested on animals, nor are any of the ingredients in it, and alcohol free. What’s not to like?

Marks & Sparks vs. Chanel, I’ll let you decide

Anyway, back to getting your Christmas sparklers. Get your base colour down, let it dry and add a coat (or two) of glitter. I like the Glitter and Glitz pack from Morgan Taylor which I picked up quite cheaply at my local Sally Beauty Supply (on a sale day). Gives you four fab glitter options to really mix up your looks. Included are a gold, a red, a blue and a multi called “It’s My Party” which I then I used over my dark green “Emerald” M&S colour. I kept two and the other two may find their way into Christmas stockings. Santa is generous like that.

And so I present to you the finished look for your party season, or whenever you want an eye catching hand.  I do love a dark colour on short nails and prefer to keep my nails fairly short for work, but whatever your preference, let the sparkling begin!


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