Concealing dark circles under our eyes is an instant way to look better, less tired, and to draw attention to the eyes themselves instead of the darkness under them. Almost everyone has some discolouration around their eyes that can benefit from this simple step.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealers are my favourite concealers for under the eyes, and are an absolute necessity in my kit. I discovered them several years ago while shopping for product at Frends Beauty Supply in LA and they really are amazing. I think of them as little soldiers in my kit, all lined up and ready to go. It’s rare that I don’t use them in a makeup . They come in a fantastic range of colours, with thirteen options from very light to very dark, so they really are for everyone.  I use them only for concealing discolouration under the eye: not for the face.  Keep reading…

Amazing Concealers are available in 13 shades

Let me explain: the discolouration that starts to appear under the eye and also around the eye socket near the bridge of the nose as we age are different than the ones we try to conceal on the face. Undereye discolouration tends to be blue-ish, purple or brown or gray/brown, depending on our skin tone. The colours on the face we want to hide are usually red or pink, again depending on our original skin colour.

And so: ONE CONCEALER WILL NOT DO TWO JOBS, or not very well anyway.  It’s like using one colour paint to paint over a red wall and a blue wall; the result will not be the same. I pick a warmer toned (orangey, peachy, tan, caramel) tone for under eyes, and a yellow-based shade for concealing that red on the face. Once you start to look at concealing products in this way you’ll see the difference. Choose an under eye concealer that, once applied, blends the tone of the discolouration into the colour of the skin, so there is no difference between the two. The best way to test them is to actually do that – try a tester (make sure it’s clean) and go outside to look at in daylight.  You will find one that works.  If you’re uncertain, ask for help from salespeople, wherever you shop.

The reason I personally love Amazing Concealers is this: they are very creamy yet heavily pigmented, so you need only a very little of the product to do the job. One tube will last you a very long time. The creaminess means they do not look dry or accentuate fine lines or heavy wrinkles under the eyes. And of course NEVER use powder on top of them or anywhere near the eye unless you’re Under 21 (maybe 25).

Amazing Concealer, Amazing Eyes!

P.S these are available at Marks&Spencer if you’re in the UK. No fair!

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