Spring has sprung! At least it has where I am, and that means spring makeup for warmer weather, with sheer textures and lots of glow.


Amongst my faves for a beautiful blushing look are a couple of cult beauty products from Benefit Cosmetics UK  – the infamous Benetint and Posietint liquid tints for a sheer, beautiful hint of colour for your cheeks and lips. Posietint is a light rose pink that looks great on lighter skin tones. Benetint is an all-round super colour for everyone and the first product the founders of the line that was destined to become benefit ever made. Twin sisters Jane and Jean Ford created the tint to colour the nipples of an exotic dancer from San Francisco – it’s the stuff of beauty legends and it does indeed give a healthy flush of crimson. I use it myself for a real flush/blush that is a bit less innocent than Posietint but subtle nonetheless. And I use them on other people for a natural look that will last all day. If your skin is oily you can do two sheer layers and even add a pop of powder blush over top; if you’re dry like me do moisture underneath, and then the tint just on top of that or over your foundation, BB cream, tinted moisturiser or whatever your choice for base is. This is the kind of product that will give you a real pick-me-up if you’re feeling a bit cardboardy but don’t fancy wearing a lot of makeup. It’s a really good one to have on hand and there’s reason over 10 million bottles have been sold.

Two fab choices for cheek and lip stains – Benetint and Posietint from Benefit Cosmetics

A liquid form of blush adds a juicy look to the skin which I love for spring/summer and once the stain is set it should stay on for a long time. Not a huge fan of powder blush on dry skin at the best of times, because Two Dries Make A Drier. I get that people with oily skins love powder and there are loads of beautiful ones out there. The joy of a stain is that they work for every skin type.

The trick to using these is to get them on and blended FAST. I use a dense dome-shaped brush to swish the tint on the apples of cheeks before it stains. Which is does. See the photo of what happens if it sits too long!

Posietint stain done wrong
Posietint stain done wrong., this is after leaving it on without blending  for about 20 seconds
Dome-shaped brush for blending all things cheeky

Of course the fantastic BeautyBlender works amazingly too (as long as it is damp). I can’t believe I haven’t done post about that yet, cos it’s a Modern Marv Beauty Product. And it’s pink! Even better xo.

Posietint done right gives you a sheer, healthy glow

How’s that for a speedy glow for spring? I’m getting all pinked up and stepping out into the sunshine. Might stop for some treats along the way…

You are what you pink
You are what you pink


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