There are few things I would say are absolutely essential for great makeup application. The Beautyblender sponge is one of them. It makes putting on your makeup easy, fast and gives gorgeous results, so if you want something that will change your makeup game forever, get yourself one.

The Beautyblender beautyblender pro sponge looks like a big pink egg but is an edgeless, latex-free, non-disposable cosmetic sponge applicator. It was created by makeup artist Ree Ann Silva in 2002 for use for high-definition HD television, which was then a new format. The anti-bacterial sponge holds water, not product, evenly distributing and blending the perfect amount of product into the skin without leaving tell-tale lines. It is a beauty of a blender! And as I am all about blending, and natural-looking foundation, this sponge has become one of my essential kit items. The results you can achieve by adding one of these to your routine is like having your very own soft-focus lens!

Soft focus
The Beautyblender softens all the edges; your very own soft focus lens

I started using them professionally in 2005 and still swear by them; in fact I am so obsessed with them I get a bit cross when makeup artists say they “can’t” use one.  I think it’s more a question of them not wanting to try something new, yes there are still these kinds of makeup artists around, can you believe it, shock, horror??!  In their stubbornness what they won’t discover is that these sponges are really versatile and can be used for skincare application and makeup application (foundation, contour, highlight, blush, concealer) and speed up application time considerably. I also use them for powder touch-ups. You, dear reader, are more open-minded than they, so read on.

The most important thing to remember is to use the sponge wet! Run it under water, squeeze out the excess and blot it with a paper towel. You’ll be left with a soft sponge that is double the size of it’s dry state and will feel lovely on your face, won’t drag the skin at all and will amaze you and your makeup.

And so to begin. You can use it to apply your moisturiser and/or primer. Simply dip the sponge into the jar and gently glide it over you face and neck.

Use the tip to apply your skin creams and primer
Use the pointed end to apply your skin creams and primer

Do the same with foundations or tinted moisturiser – whatever your base of choice. Apply a little of the product to the tip of the sponge, then onto your face.

You will get the best blend if you apply foundation with the Beauty Blender
You will get the best blend if you apply foundation with the Beauty Blender

Continue to use the sponge for more of your makeup application. I apply contour stick to my cheekbones and blend it with…you guessed it…

Now that's a look.
Now that’s a look.

The pointed tip of the egg is brilliant for getting into the corners of the eyes so use it for perfecting under eye concealer.

The Universal "Doing my Make-Up" Face
The Universal “Doing my Make-Up” Face

I also use that end to clean up eye shadow mistakes IF they should ever happen. Which of course they never do for professional makeup artists!

Use the pointed end to shape the shadow at the corners of your eyes and/or to clean up mistakes
Use the pointed end to shape the shadow at the corners of your eyes and/or to clean up mistakes

Same goes for your cream blush…apply to the apples of your cheeks then use the big end of the sponge to blend it. Unless you’d prefer to look like a OompaLoompa. Which could be fun once in a while.

Blend. blend. blend!
blend. blend. blend!

And there you have it. Some of you will know I don’t use powder on myself, but if you do, the Beautyblender applies it beautifully, of course. Here’s a faster version of how to use it:

Beautyblenders are easy to wash and dry and taken care of, will last ages. Wash it with warm water and a mild detergent; there is a beautyblender solid soap that is sold separately or comes with it sometimes as a bundle purchase but my personal recommendation is London Brush Company‘s lavender or non-scented solid bar. I’ve mentioned it a few times because I love it and use it for cleaning my brushes (see the post about cleaning your makeup brushes for more details). A mild shampoo would work too and you will only need a tiny amount. Whichever soap you use, work a tiny amount into the parts of the sponge that are stained. Be gentle. Rinse your sponge, squeeze out the excess water and leave to dry. Or use it immediately if you need to! The sponge will need washing once a week or so, but takes no time at all so it won’t take up valuable time of your busy lives. The original sponge comes with a handy container that I use a drying stand..

The original and it’s case
I use the case as a stand to dry it in

As the product line has grown (they always do) many sizes and colours of the sponge have been born. There are mini ones for the getting into tiny placed and that can be used as eyeshadow blenders, and black ones to use for self-tanner and/or body makeup. My favourite is still the original.

There are other sponges out there in the marketplace but beware bad eggs. The beautyblender changed makeup for makeup artists to such a great extent and was such a success that lottos companies decided to make their own versions.  I have tried many of them but can honestly say the original is the one to beat. The texture of it is finer compared to others on the market which are dense and heavy, making them harder to use as they don’t soften with water,  and drag on delicate facial skin. Skin dragging is what we DO NO WANT.  So despite the delicate qualities of the original bb, it’s a hardy little thing which makes it a great beauty investment.  The original has won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award five times, as has the the micro-mini beautyblender, in 2014.

the micro mini beautyblender
the micro mini beautyblender
newly introduced, the oil blotting blotterazzi sponge
newly introduced, the oil blotting blotterazzi sponge

Carry On Blending, glossaholics!

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