DID YOU KNOW?! That, in my opinion, there are three makeup products with the ability to make you look less tired and more like a human being ready to go out the door, in minutes. They are blush, concealer and mascara (not necessarily in that order) and because they are my top three makeup products, I am always on the search for the perfect ones and willing to try many, as long as they pass an initial inspection.

I have found the perfect concealers; one for under eye and one for the face, because, remember, you mustn’t use the same one for both (previous posts “Amaze Your Face With Amazing Concealer”  and “Stick To It“) but am still looking for the ultimate blush and mascara. There may of course, be more than one of each perfect one. I am willing to consider that idea…different seasons call for different textures and colours etc, etc. I once had the perfect mascara, but, heartbreakingly (slight exaggeration) it has been been discontinued everywhere but in the US and when my stock runs out I need a runner-up to use until I get back to a US drug store. By the way, the brand is not an expensive one and the brush is beyond comparison for the short-of-lash. I’ll tell you about it soon, and hope that the company doesn’t decide to do away with it once and for all. In the meantime, I continue my search, so any recommendations are welcome.

Am back in the UK at the moment, and happily coming across product I haven’t seen yet in North America where I’ve been doing most of my work recently. Such are the joys of being on the road. I love that first trip to the drugstore/chemist/beauty supply, to see how the other halves live. This is not, of course, the only reason to travel but I do always enjoy a good snoop around the makeup shops. I also love a good chat about makeup with people who live or shop somewhere different than I do.

I am pretty open minded when it comes to my quest for the perfect product; well you have to be don’t you or you might miss something brilliant! And so, when a great friend and fellow beauty addict, who shall remain nameless unless she chooses otherwise, recommended WATERCOLOUR Liquid Blush by Daniel Sandler I decided to give it a go for myself, for the interests of beauty and for all of you, dear readers. Behold! For I think I may have found the Holy Grail of cheek colour.

bottle of Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush The liquid blush is very easy to use; even those of you who think you can’t do makeup can do this. It comes in 15 beautiful shades, you can use one or mix them (for instance to get a bit of shimmer) but let’s start simple. I tested the shade Cherub which is an excellent soft, natural colour which could be used on fair to mid -toned skin.

How to use: Apply on top of your moisturiser and foundation but under any powder products if you use them. Because this is a liquid product, you have to apply it over other liquid products, not dry ones like powder, or you’ll end up making mud on your face.  Pretty coloured mud, but mud all the same. If you use a dry foundation (and I hope you do not) this may not be the blush for you. If you must use powder, put it on AFTER the liquid blush. The blush itself is oil free and silicone based, so don’t let too much oil be a worry if you’re thinking of trying this. This also lets it blend like a dream.

Shake the bottle! Do this every time you use it. Pigment will separate in any suspension, so you must shake it every time.

blushblend blod

Dot a small amount onto your hand or straight onto a brush. I like to use the back of my (clean) hand and that way pick up just enough product. A little goes a long way, I used a tiny dot on each cheek. Do a cheesy smile and locate the fattest part of your cheek: that’s where the dot of blush goes. Blend it out with a brush (I like a dome brush, like the one below, which is brilliant for any cheek products, dry or wet) or the ubiquitous BeautyBlender sponge ( you may know by now how much I love these). This is not about a heavy, powdery blush with lots of highlight and contour look, but about having a soft, natural but gorgeous blush for work or date night. If you must do a contour, apply it before the blush. Again I would recommend a liquid contour or a least a cream one. Did I mention I hate powders??

Dome brushes are marv fro blending liquids
Dome brushes are marv for cheeky things

There you have it. You should be looking quite cheeky!

This cheek colour is not going to budge. This is how I know that, a water test on watercolour….blush. Nothing happened!  So you’re not going to sweat it off or get messed up in the rain or humidity. I took it outside on a rainy day in Brighton, and it withstood that, a walk on the beach, even a dog kiss! In fact, it was still on at the end of the night.

Concealer, mascara, blush. Out the door in seven minutes!
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Blush
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Blush

This product is a shopping cart winner! I’ll definitely be picking up more for my kit and personal use.


There are twelve shades of WATERCOLOUR Liquid Blush – something for every skin tone, as well as one called “Icing“to layer on if you must go frosty. I won’t on a daily basis, because I really love the second-skin, soft look of it. But I know a girl who will! The “Icing” shade will of course go far as a highlighter. I much prefer liquid or cream highlighters compared to powder, so pick one of those up too if you like a high beam. And use a darker taupe-based shade for a super-blendable natural contour, if you must.

Daniel Sandler products can be a little hard to find in person. It sells in various small outlets around the UK, and at TopShop beautyMART at Oxford Circus, or check www.danielsandler.com

P.S if you’re out for a walk along the beach in Hove, take some inspiration from the colour combos of the beach huts. Amazing!










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