I’m not sure how you feel, but I am not that keen on the concept of Black Friday. It seems to me that if prices are able to change so drastically for one day (now it’s three days isn’t it?) then there must be something wrong with them in the first place, which is annoying ….and then I can’t help but get caught up a little in the frenzy. Which is more annoying.

A perfect matte black like this gives you lots of options

While Black Friday may be a short-lived thing, black eyeshadow is always in my kit. It adds intensity to any eye make-up, and with a good blend can go from deepest darkest soot to a softer grey. Used sparingly in the right places, a black shadow adds dimension and works on every skin tone. Used generously, it gives a dramatic and intense look. A matte black shadow like this one can also be used as an eyeliner – use it dry on a liner brush to fill in the lash line, or with a damp brush to paint on a classic eyeliner, even a cat eye. So though you might think the shadow looks intimidating, once you’ve played with it you’ll see how versatile it is and what a great addition it makes to your make-up bag. It’s also brilliant for a sixties look if you feel like really going for it and attempting some make-up history!

I first met MAC – Eye Shadow – Carbon┬ámany make-up years ago shopping at MAC in Vancouver, before I got a job there. I’ve had one in my kit ever since, not the same one of course! But if I don’t have a Carbon at hand I get uneasy and have not yet met it’s match, so I usually have two of three of them in various places. The good news is that the price is as trusty as the product itself, it’s not going to go half price on one crazy shopping day or weekend of the year, and one will last you ages….at least until the next Black Friday!

The verdict is in: Black Friday, Not Essential. Black Eyeshadow, Essential.

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